Four For

Four For


Mixed media. Automated piano, plexiglas, wool, performers, electronics and original text (2019).

It’s a piece about statis and metastasis.

It’s a piece about the place that music can take in a life.

It’s a piece for four performers, called Four For (and not For Four, or Four 4)

It’s a piece taking place in the brain of a person that has serious issues.


1986 : Morton Feldman is on his deathbed. He has dark visions rooted in past and present music. What is happening in the precious brain of the composer ? Two healers and a doctor dive into it through astral projection,  get lost, and make fourth kind encounters.

Formally, we expect this piece to be a theater experiment inspired by music, not a concert with a dramaturgy, nor musical theater. Both onirical and down-to-earth, the stage will be the embodiment of music itself, as a phenomenon.

If we are but a musical species, as Oliver Sacks puts it, and if our brain eats sound, are there musical superfoods ? And what could possibly happen when you overdose on it ? Morton Feldman once described his music as a «vibratory stasis». Four For aims at materliazing this state of mind on stage, and raise the attention level in the audience, to the point where free associating becomes possible.

We formulate the hypothesis that in our social interactions, there are intervals, harmonic relations, tonality, rythm. Boring 4/4 conversations, great 6/8 sex, terrible G-flat governments. What if we were to study that literally inside the brain of a composer ?