Four For

Four For


Mixed media. Automated piano, plexiglas, wool, performers, electronics and original text (2019).


It’s a piece about statis and metastasis.

It’s a piece about the place that music can take in a life.

It’s a piece for four performers, called Four For (and not For Four, or Four 4)

It’s a piece taking place in the brain of a person that has serious issues.


1986 : Morton Feldman is on his deathbed. What is happening in the precious brain of the composer ? An ambiguous psychic healer dives into it, through astral projection. He gets lost and weary, and has dark visions of a bloody cult that wants to silence the world.

A doctor and a music therapist join him. They make fourth kind encounters, while playing contemporary music to soothe the patient and find a way out of this dangerous place.

The piece is absolutely theater, but focused on music. It is not a concert with a dramaturgy, nor classical musical theater. The four performers play music, because they need it to communicate with their environment. The stage is the embodiment of music itself, it literally breathes and has «moods».

The project is rooted in a crazy narrative, has weird dialogue and a strong scenography that helps the listener to find his way in the sometimes challenging material. The original text is loosely inspired by the composers’ life, the climate and the musical structure of each piece.